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Why use Alamo Kitchens?

About Us
Licensed Commercial Kitchen

Alamo Kitchens is a licensed shared-use commercial kitchen designed and developed for food-focused entrepreneurs. We reduce the barrier for rising culinary entrepreneurs.

Available 24/7

Available 24- hours each day, the kitchen is always ready to use for our entrepreneurs. So you don't have to worry about changing your schedule.

No Yearly Commitment

We offer monthly plans with a set number of kitchen hours, where you determine the usage of those hours throughout the month.

New members must maintain at least a 6 month requirement in the kitchen.

We are Alamo Kitchens

We invite you to take a look inside our kitchen. 

In this video, the founder takes you inside the kitchen.  Learn more about her vision and goals for the kitchen. And, you'll get a peek inside!


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11825 West Ave, Ste 102, San Antonio, Texas 78216||  Tel. 210-909-9988

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